How much will this anti-tremor brace cost?
The product is still in too much of an early phase to make an estimation about the price. We however plan to make the final product purchasable through our website and several orthopedic clinics.

Can I contribute?
If you have tremors or have experience in the medical field, you can help us a lot by filling in the questionnaire (Dutch only).

Will it suppress my tremor?
The proof-of-principle confirmed to be able to suppress a tremor of an adult man. For our final product, we are targeting low-medium tremors.

Will it be reimbursed by health insurance?
We have seen the need of people with tremors, so we want to deliver our product as soon as possible. The first brace will be sold directly the end-users (B2C) by the end of 2020. Reimbursement will follow later, but this will take some more years.